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LiveStories Developers Documentation

Welcome to the LiveStories developers website.

This site is a resource for both public users who are interested in downloading public datasets from the LiveStories platform and LiveStories Partners who have an account on the LiveStories platform.

Public vs. Partners API

There are 2 APIs to LiveStories.

Public API

If you do not have an account on LiveStories, the public API allows you to download public datasets from the LiveStories platform.

To do this, simply locate the API Endpoint for the organization that has published these datasets and refer to the Public API documentation.

If you have an account on LiveStories, this URL is available on your Team page.

Partners API (Authenticated)

The partners API allows you to upload, update, download or delete datasets in/from your account in LiveStories.

All operations require an authentication key that may be found on the Team page in your account on LiveStories.

To enable the Partners API on your account, please contact