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GET /v1/dataset?owner=:user_id&


Returns all datasets within the scope of the authenticated user. By default, all datasets in the team associated with the authentication key are returned. The returned list may be filtered for a given :user_id within that team.

Note: unless this request is signed for authentication, only public datasets are returned.


:user Optional

Filters the results to only those datasets owned by a given user. Target user and authenticated user must belong to the same team.

Example Valuexxxxxxxxx

:team Optional

Should we even support this on the Partners API

Example Valuexxxxxxxxx

Example Request


Needs a valid identifier instead of "bar"

Example Result

{ "results":[ { "id":"128a09e6-2bb0-4869-9179-2f6b31557802", "name":"A test dataset", "version":"54b065c5-8d56-4bc8-aad2-122591c82b89", "owner":"bar", "team":"foo", "visibility":"private", } ] }