LiveStories IQ developers

GET /v1/dataset? team=:team_id


Returns a list of all the public datasets published within the specified LiveStories account.

A team_id identifies an organization in LiveStories. It is typically published on their stories or portal in LiveStories.

If you have an account on LiveStories, your :team_id and the URL associated with your team's public API maybe found on your Team Page.



A team account identifier in LiveStories.

Example Value5679cc9a4031050014bc4c59

Example Request


Example Result

{ "results":[ { "id":"488e372f-68c1-47eb-ad3f-c0158522737a", "name":"pokemon", "version":"68ae3aae-8324-4568-baab-04b2a41a8631", "visibility":"public", "created":"2016-10-18T23:15:50.840Z", "properties":{ "key_words":[""], "description":"This dataset contains a list of all known Pokemons.", "contact_name":"John Q" } } ] }